“Not the one who cannot write or read, but the ignorant in the art of photography, will be the illiterate in the future” László Moholy-Nagy

I was born in Plovdiv in 1969. Since 1993 I work as a graphic designer in a private-owned company. In 2006 I graduated AMDA (Academy for Music, Dance and Art) with a Master Degree in Photography. Since 2008 I teach professionally of photography in the AMDA in Plovdiv. I participated in numerous joint photo exhibitions and I have three independent exhibitions.

My great friends

Did you know that color is magic? A type of magic, that can spark off happiness or sadness; to heal or to make someone gravely ill; to soothe or irritate; to fool around with our emotions, without us even realizing it. And since the human face is the greatest arena for emotions, I allowed myself to go out of the well beaten track of perceiving a human face, by using unusual and abstract color palette and technique. In that case the local color is distorted and surreal, as it represents and expresses the inner state of the soul. I created these portraits in response to the subjective emotional reactions of my friends, who provided me with their trust and their actual “self”, thus the miniature objects and the selected color palette, infused the lack of realism in the photographs, while the illustrative capacity of the lens distort the proportions. My great friends – they are indeed great – some, in the sense of proportional greater size in which their portraits were being exhibited; others, in the sense of occupying a dear place in my heart.

This project enjoyed two independent photography exhibitions – one during the International Photography Meetings’09 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria; another – in the “13th step” Gallery in Burgas, Bulgaria, in 2011.

Rodopa people

I am strongly connected with the Rodopa Mountain. Once of which is bloodline. Once a man takes a walk in this gorgeous mountain, he finds himself always returning. A place of myths and legends, that had and nowadays still keeps the essence of the Bulgarian spirit. The mountain area is the homeland of several different ethnicity groups that live and exist in an incredible tolerance to each other. With every change of the socio-economic environment in the country, they all seem to rejoice and sorrow together; exist in the same daily manners, as the Rodopa Mountain is their home. Some of them find seasonal occupations in order to work for their living, not being able to see their families for months, others put frantic efforts in raising their children in lack of money and there are some, who still, like most of the elder people of Bulgaria that live in the rural areas, try to survive on growing organic products such as milk, cheese, vegetables, etc. These are some of the reasons why I decided to turn my lens of my camera towards these common misfortunate people. Without any interference into their reality of living I tried to capture some of their individualism and essence, while preserving their rights and standing. These are people, who have amazed and afterwards inspired me to take all these photographs, as the Rodopa people are stirring and truly inspirational and neither complex techniques nor unconventional compositions are needed to capture this allure.


A place and a part of time and space, where we fit in and accommodate ourselves, in order to preserve our sense of “self”. The nest is a symbol of shelter and sanctuary, where one can find refuge and peace when things go wrong; a place, where we work and even hide form ourselves and others. As the years pass, we pitch ourselves a tent that embody our spirit, it satisfies our needs and preserves our soul. With time it twists us into his web, holds us tight in his arms and leaves us as weak as we cannot find strength to leave it. After all, maybe this is what we are best in doing.

Plovdiv – through my heart!

This is the town that I leave with pleasure, but return with even greater pleasure and thrill.